30 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

30 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

30 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables – Consumer goods are those products that are purchased specifically for personal use or household consumption. They are final products that can be used readily by the consumer as soon as they are purchased. They are divided into consumer durable goods and consumer non durable goods.Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

Consumer durable goods are those products that are expected to last a long time. Examples include items like furniture, appliances, and electronics. They are usually expensive and come with a warranty or guarantee.

Consumer non-durables on the other hand, are those items that are not expected to last for long and are consumed quickly. Examples include food, beverages, tobacco, and other household items. They are usually consumed quickly and can only be utilized once.

In the Consumer Non-Durables field, there are several well-know companies that produces a wide variety of products for consumer to enjoy. Some of these companies include Procter & Gamble, Netflix, Unilever, Nestle, Nike, etc. This industry is always expanding due to the ever-increasing population and rising needs.

The consumer non-durable industry requires workers in several departments due to the vast variety of goods that fall under the non-durable umbrella. These goods are consumed all the time so they are always required in large quantities. This makes it essential for qualified workers to be recruited for this very purpose.

Several jobs in the consumer non-durable industry pay well, but these 30 jobs pay best:

30 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

30 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables

1. Marketing Managers

These professionals are accountable for both the creation and implementation of marketing plans. They organize events, create advertising campaigns, manage social media accounts, and perform so many other duties to make sure that goods are marketed properly.

Average annual salary: $133,000.

2. Sales Managers

These professionals are responsible for leading and supervising a group of salespeople or sales representatives. They play several roles including the development of marketing strategies, the establishment of sales targets, the training of staff members, and many more to ensure that items are sold and that the clients are satisfied with the service they receive.

Average annual salary: $125,000

3. Industry Designer

They work closely with quality control managers to ensure that products meet quality standards and the needs of customers.

Average annual salary: $73,000

4. Production Associate

These professionals typically works at film production companies to document product development and provide feedback for further improvements using various tools such as lights and cameras.

Average annual salary: $37,000

5. Biological Engineer

They perform research in order to provide sustainable solutions to problems that would aid more productivity and yield more success.

Average annual salary: $97,000

6. Database Administrator

They are responsible for keeping and managing essential data in the workspace. They also provide and implement security policies to protect the database and also create an efficient storage space for the industries.

Average annual salary: $98,000

7. Actuaries

They determine the company’s flow of revenue by employing the use of statistics and mathematics to analyze the financial risk that might be involved to scale the industry for a sustainable finance model.

Average annual salary: $105,000

8. Quality Assurance Analyst

These professionals check for flaws and perform quality checks on products to ensure that they meet quality standards before they go out into the market.

Average annual salary: $119,000

9. Human Resource Manager

The main duties of these professionals is to ensure that the organization they are working for is equipped with a talented and hardworking workforce to meet the demands of the business.

Average annual salary: $111,000

10. Creative Director

These professionals are responsible for supervising creative teams in a company.

Average annual salary: $137,000

11. Information Security Analyst

They function mainly to keep the computer network of their organization secure by identifying vulnerabilities and fixing them, educating teams about security, monitoring data transmission, and performing many other functions.

Average annual salary: $92,000

12. Food and beverages manager

This roles involves mainly organizing and reviewing the food and beverage service; recruitment and training of staff; and ensuring that all health and safety rules are followed.

Average annual salary: $90,000

13. Financial Analyst

They review the financial data of the organization they are working for, they work with business development teams to devise strategies to achieve growth, and advises the company on ways to improve returns on investment.

Average annual salary: $80,000

15. Chemical Engineer

They apply their knowledge of science to chemical manufacturing processes to ensure that everything goes well.

Average annual salary: $80,000

15. Digital Designer

They typically work on various media like flyers, banners, social media graphics to convert client ideas to tangible results using their knowledge of design.

Average annual salary: $71,000

16. Brand Managers

They monitor markets and use the information they get to ensure that products will meet customer satisfaction and top sales.

Average annual salary: $62,000

17. Geoscientist

Geoscientists study the earth and use the information they get to identify and develop energy sources.

Average annual salary: $83,000

18. Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists study and monitor environmental conditions, and work to preserve the earth’s natural resources and human health.

Average annual salary: $76,000

19. Paper Chemist

Paper chemists work in the paper-making manufacturing industry to produce and analyze the paper-making process for efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Average annual salary: $79,000

20. Machine Operators

They are responsible for running the machines that produce consumer non-durables.

Average annual salary: $50,000

21. Oil Rig Workers

They are responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of oil rigs.

Average annual salary: $60,000

22. Chemical Technician

These professionals are responsible for mixing and testing chemicals.

Average annual salary: $48,000

23. Operation Research Analyst

These professionals employ the use of math principles to analyze profit margins, productions, distributions, and solve critical problems.

Average annual salary: $82,000

24. Computer Systems Analyst

They provide effective applications that help make the industry work more productive and also reduce time wastage.

Average annual salary: $99,000

25. Customer Experience Manager

They ensure customers have a lovely, enjoyable, and seamless experience by performing various functions including attending to customer complaints. They make use of surveys to identify the needs of customers and improve the customer experience.

Average annual salary: $111,000

26. Logistics Manager

They have thorough understanding of the road map and chain networks to distribute goods to clients and ensure that the goods are distributed to customers in a timely and effective fashion.

Average annual salary: $77,000

27. Production Planner

They ensure effective communication, production, scheduling of products, coordinating suppliers to make sure the goods are produced effectively.

Average annual salary: $61,000

28. Accountant

Their main functions are providing interpretations to critical complex information, managing financial records, and documentation of taxes and work finances.

Average annual salary: $77,000

29. Consumer Research Analyst

They understand and analyze market trends to proffer better options that would increase the company’s revenue and maintain sustainability.

Average annual salary: $63,000

30. Medical Equipment Engineer

They develop and design medical equipment.

Average annual salary: $97,000