Art Director Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

In this post, we will look at the art director job description. Here you will see art director job roles and responsibilities. Job seekers need this information to prepare for their resume and interview. Also, employers and recruiters need this information to select the best candidate for their job offer.

Art Director Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

Art Director Job Description

An Art Director is passionate about telling stories and crafting work that makes the technical feel human and authentic. As an Art director, you’re a conceptual thinker who can bring your ideas to life in new and inspiring ways.

You have a strong point of view on concept, story and tone of voice on behalf of brands. You have a high level of craft in all facets of your design, from in-product to short and long form scripts. When you decide to make something, you see your vision from concept to launch without any hand-holding.

Art Director is a seasoned creative and strategic and visual problem-solver with passion for team management, strategy, design, typography, imagery, and diverse visual communication principles for strategic storytelling. Must be able to interpret data and strategy into visual outcomes and lead and motivate others to accomplish the same. Must have excellent organizational and time management skills, and the ability to communicate ideas to teams.

The Art Director will be responsible for everything from original concepting of new products and identities, to leading client workshop participation and strategic sessions, and diverse print and digital production. The Art Director will be the day to day manager and direct-report of a team of junior, mid-level, and senior designers. The Art Director will manage their team’s work load and assignments, review and quality control their output, encourage and support their team, and help set the vision for design work produced by the team. It is also expected that the Art Director will stay hands-on with the work, having their own tasks within the production schedule.

This is a client-facing role, and as such, the Art Director must be able to not only be comfortable presenting agency work to high-level client stakeholders, but be able to translate the client needs, challenges, and feedback to the team in a way that is clear and focused. Team management and mentorship are important aspects of this position. Carnegie Dartlet sets a high standard for creative excellence, and we are looking for an Art Director who not only has a large personal range in design execution, but also has a passion to enhance the creative product for team members as well.

This role is currently remote, but we are looking to fill the position in the Nashville, TN area, as we are expanding our presence in the region.

Carnegie Dartlet specializes in producing advertising, marketing, and communications campaigns and materials primarily for clients in the higher education space, and also for domestic and global companies in the healthcare, retail, destination, athletics, and financial sectors.

Art Director Roles and Responsibilities 

While the breadth of the Art Director’s duties is wide, these tasks are common:

•      Creative leadership and big-picture thinking

•      Team assignments and work-load balancing

•      Attention to fine detail and macro storytelling

•      Producing diverse print and digital media

•      Conceptualization and origination through execution, and templated work

•      Attend and engage in live, strategic, creative workshop blitzes on-site

•      Motivate and mentor their team and other creative staff members

•      Attention to detail across various mediums

•      Self-management of workloads under tight deadlines

•      Team management of workloads under tight deadlines

•      Quality control of other’s work, including stepping in and taking on some of another’s work load to ensure timely and quality delivery to client

•      Working collaboratively in team-oriented environment

•      Excellent written and verbal communication skills

•      Thirst for creative challenges and visual problem-solving

  • Effectively create layouts exhibiting strong typography and appropriate use of color that upholds our clients’ brand guidelines
  • Communicate ideas clearly and effectively to clients and peers—visually, verbally and in writing
  • Draw upon strong understanding of design principles to visualize, build and produce creative that lives across print and digital touchpoints in order to promote our clients’ business marketing solutions
  • Maintain database of images, graphics and marketing material templates
  • You lead design thinking workshops and project definition activities.
  • You work with a project manager to estimate project timeframes and balance great design with meeting deadlines.
  • You bring a positive and can-do approach to solving large, strategic, and complex problems with simple and elegant design solutions that address project goals & requirements.
  • You utilize business and customer insights to create original, innovative, and meticulous designs that demonstrate excellent typographic and layout skills while adhering to our brand guidelines.
  • You autonomously run all aspects of assigned projects with minimal direction and collaborate with and present directly to project owners.
  • You manage other disciplines involved in the development of projects including illustrators, photographers, and printers.
  • You clearly and confidently communicate and present design decisions, gather and implement feedback from project owners and other designers, and manage project owner’s expectations.
  • You direct the work of one or more junior and/or freelance designers.
  • You are an expert in design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

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