30 Best Paying Jobs in Energy – Careers in Energy 2023

30 Best Paying Jobs in Energy - Careers in Energy

Careers in Energy 2023 – See the 30 Best paying jobs in energy, their requirements, job prospects and salary structure.

The world needs the energy to fuel so many appliances and push technology forward. Energy is needed for vehicles, lights, computers, appliances, healthcare equipment, and countless other gadgets, technologies, features, and modern conveniences. If the world needs energy so much, then of course people who understand the essential principles behind energy and are able to put that energy into good use will be in high demand.

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Jobs in the field of energy are one of the highest-paying jobs and with a high growth rate.

30 Highest Paying Jobs in Energy

30 Best Paying Jobs in Energy - Careers in Energy

Here are 30 of the best-paying jobs in energy.


1. Geoscientist

Geoscientists are tasked with discovering and developing commercially viable and exploitable reserves of natural resources on both land and sea. They are vital in the discovery and production of oil and gas. A Bachelor’s degree in geology is required for this job.

Average annual salary: $99,000


2. Wind farm site manager

They manage employees and equipment in a wind farm. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the wind plant, including responding to changes in energy demand, managing maintenance schedules and unexpected maintenance needs, and addressing system faults.

Average annual salary: $97,000


3. Atmospheric scientist

Atmospheric scientists understand the weather, so they can make predictions that will enhance wind energy and provides advice for the best places and techniques for harvesting wind energy. Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Average annual salary: $95,000


4. Architectural manager

They are focused on the reduction of energy use by making buildings that use fewer resources and less energy. They carry several responsibilities including making detailed plans, leading research, checking technical accuracy, and even responsibilities that may not include energy like training staff. A bachelor’s degree is needed and at least five years of experience.

Average annual salary: $144,000


5. Civil engineer

Civil engineers help with the planning, design and supervision of projects. A bachelor’s degree is required to become a civil engineer.

Average annual salary: $84,000


6. Solar PV installer

These are professionals in installing solar panels and other devices in buildings that convert sunlight to usable electricity. It is an entrylevel environmental job.

Average annual salary: $44,000


7. Power Plant Operator, Distributor, & Dispatcher

These professionals ensure the safe use of nuclear energy. Only a high school diploma and the appropriate training is required for this job.

Average annual salary: $86,000


8. Nuclear technician

Nuclear technicians are trained in the operation of special equipment and usually work in nuclear energy production by monitoring levels of radiation produced to ensure a safe environment. They also assist physicists, engineers, and other professionals in nuclear research.

Average annual salary: $82,000


9. Environmental science and protection technician

These professionals are tasked with ensuring that renewable installations and energy-producing facilities don’t cause unintended damage to the environment, in both field and laboratory tasks.

They also assess all forms of pollution to make sure there are no negative impacts on the health of workers and the general population. A bachelor’s Degree In Environmental Science or Engineering is the most common minimum educational requirement.

Average annual salary: $46,000


10. Service unit operator

Service unit operators work in oil and gas drilling, as well as mining operations, to find and resolve any problems with drilling. They are able to operate several pieces of equipment to increase oil flow from producing wells. They can also help to remove stuck pipes, casing, tools, or any other obstructions in drilling wells.

Average annual salary: $47,000


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11. Environmental engineers

They are involved in the proper extraction and use of energy to help create a safer, cleaner future for the world. They are also tasked with designing projects and monitoring environmental improvements including recycling, waste disposal, public health, and sustainability.

Average annual salary: $88,000


12. Sales representative

These professionals functions as the link between the customer, installer, and utility companies. They have great sales skills, and also the ability to assess existing equipment, and fully analyze customers’ requirements. Only industrial sales experience is needed for this job.

Average annual salary: $54,000


13. Wind turbine service technician

This job requires professionals with a background in construction, welding, and electrical installations to install new wind farms and service existing ones. A technical college qualification is required for this job.

Average annual salary: $54,000


14. Chemist

They are involved in the development and production of fuels and lubricants. A master’s degree in chemistry is required in most cases, even for an entrylevel position.

Average annual salary: $70,000


15. Solar energy technician

They are involved in the maintenance of various solar equipment, from solar panels in private homes to large-scale solar power plants. A bachelor’s degree is usually not required, but most solar energy technicians have a technical college qualification. Work experience in electrical appliances, HVAC, central heating, and solar panel installation is needed.

Average annual salary: $72,000


16. Solar engineers

They support electric operators to ensure that renewable energy sources are efficiently integrated. Degree in electrical and electronic engineering is preferable for this job.

Average annual salary: 72,000


17. Solar energy software developer

These professionals develop and maintain software that constantly measures and fine-tunes the operation of solar equipment. Solar energy production is heavily reliant on this software. Bachelor’s Degree in IT or Computer Science and Engineering is required for this job.

Average annual salary: $73,000


18. Industrial engineers

Industrial engineers are tasked with finding various ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes. A bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering is required to become an industrial engineer.

Average annual salary: $77,000


19. Scientific researcher

These professionals work in private research companies, as well as many universities to research and develop more efficient equipment and energy sources. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, physics, or biology, and a master’s degree in education is usually a requirement for this job. However, many companies also search for Ph.D. students to join their teams.

Average annual Salary: $77,000


20. Renewable energy consultant

These professionals deal directly with new and existing customers, and assist in advising them on the most effective energy solutions and possible upgrades. They advise clients on how to find the optimal renewable system for their home or business.

Average annual salary: $60,000


21. Solar project manager

They are tasked with managing solar installation projects. They plan schedules and budgets and also supervise the work of their team members.  A bachelor’s degree in the solar energy field and project management is needed to pursue this career path.

Average annual Salary: $83,000


22. Solar power plant operator

They control, operate and maintain equipment that produces electrical energy from solar power. They ensure the safety of operations and repair any faults. They also ensure that all production needs are met. A bachelors degree in electrical engineering is needed for this job.

Average annual salary: $83,000


23. Solar project developer

They carefully plan projects and obtain the necessary permits and grid connections. They also deal with engineers, financial analysts, and lawyers to ensure the success of each project. A bachelor’s degree in the solar energy field and project management is required for this job.

Average annual salary: $84,000


24. Financial analyst for renewable energy companies

They assist renewable energy companies in increasing energy efficiency, calculating investment returns, conducting quantitative analyses of investment information, and marketing new services.

Average annual salary: $zee 87,000


25. Information systems manager

Information systems managers maintain computer networks and systems by uploading software, maintaining security, or improving databases. As managers, they are often responsible for overseeing technology professionals. An experience of over 5 years in information systems, as well as a bachelor’s degree is needed for this job.

Average annual salary: $146,000


26. Aerospace engineer

These professionals will most likely be directly involved with aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft, but will also be needed to create better designs for turbines and other systems. A bachelor’s degree that includes chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, computer programming, and more related fields will be needed to become an aerospace engineer.

Average annual salary: $116,000


27. Petroleum engineer

Even though the world is moving towards renewable energy jobs, there is still incredible job potential for petroleum engineers, especially with a master’s level education. Petroleum engineers are responsible for designing oilextraction equipment, drilling new oil fields, evaluating production methods, and finding newer, safer, and more efficient ways to fill the world’s energy demands.

Average annual salary: $137,000


28. Chemical engineer

Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math to solve problems encountered in the conversion of raw materials into a variety of products including, chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other products. They deal with the design and operation of plants and equipment and develop and design chemical manufacturing processes.

Average annual salary: $108,000


29. Materials engineers

Materials engineers perform various functions that make products better. They have a deep understanding of metals, ceramics, plastics, and other raw materials. To become a materials engineer, you need a bachelors degree in a science-related education that includes chemistry, computer programming, mathematics, and more.

Average annual salary: $93,000


30. Agricultural engineer

The aim of agricultural engineers is to integrate technology with farming, in order to produce better results. They work with machinery, structures, and power supply to solve problems relating to agriculture including pollution and environmental issues, and the storage and processing of agricultural products.

Average annual salary: $80,000

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