Career Advice: Being Self-Employed vs Being Employed

Ahh, the glorious freedom of being self-employed.

  • No bosses
  • No set hours
  • Dont need to ask anyone for time off
  • Can take holidays any time I want
  • Can have as many coffee breaks as I choose
  • No one can fire me

Sounds great doesnt it? Working when you want with no one on your back to get the job done. Yes you can meander through each day as a self-employed person sipping numerous cups of coffee and having extended breaks but the likelihood of your business doing well is slight.

To make a real go of being self-employed and owning your own business there are some basics that will serve you well if you not only act upon them but get good at them.

  • You absolutely must be a self-starter. Remember you have no boss to answer to.
  • Dont procrastinate. Its a crippler in business.
  • Be a good time manager. Just because you dont have strict working hours doesnt mean you can idle away your time doing non-productive activities.
  • Be consistent. Businesses run better with consistency. Decide what your work days and hours will be and stick to it.
  • Keep good records. Yes you are the boss of your business but you are also an office administrator now too. Its your responsibility to document your business activities, ie appointments, invoicing, tax payments etc
  • Have a six most important things to do list. Lists help you keep on track.
  • Keep yourself accountable. Which could be simply ticking off activities accomplished on your list by a set time or having a friend/mentor you choose to report to.
  • Be a good marketer. For your business to grow you need to constantly promote yourself and your business.
  • Be a good money manager. Reinvesting back into your business is essential if you dont want to go belly-up. It might mean severely tightening the reigns on your personal spending for some time to reap the benefits down the track.

Ive learned these things through my own self-employment experience. If you feel you have the necessary get-up-an-go, self-discipline thats required to be successfully self-employed then I encourage you to go ahead and Ill wish you every success.

On the other hand self-employment is not for everyone and some people just work better for a boss, where all they have to do is turn up, do their job, go home and pick up a paycheck at the end of the week.

Employment or Self-Employment? You choose. Theres no right or wrong here.

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