Case Manager RN Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities, Qualifications, Skills and Salary

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In this article, we will show you the detailed and updated Case Manager RN job description. Here you will also find the duties of the Case Manager RN, responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and estimated annual salary.

This Case Manager RN job description template provides critical duties and responsibilities for a Case Manager RN. It’s ready to post on various job sites to assist you to recruit and hire people who will evaluate and implement healthcare plans for individual patients. As a job seeker, you can use this information to make a very rich resume and as well get yourself prepared for an interview.

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Case Manager RN Job Description

Case Manager RN Job Description

Case managers are in charge of coordinating patient care services. They assist in determining the sort of care required and the procedures necessary to guarantee that the patient receives such care. Other duties may include appointment scheduling, confirming insurance eligibility for specific treatments, and completing exams and evaluations. Typically, registered nurse case managers have clinical experience and begin their careers as registered nurses who care for patients on a daily basis. They can then advance to higher ranks of management. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical settings.

You must have at least an associate’s degree in nursing to work as a registered nurse case manager. Some careers may demand a bachelor’s degree or above. All positions in this profession require a valid registered nurse license, which can be gained by completing a nursing program and passing a licensing exam. Registered nurse case managers should be well-versed in health care, have great interpersonal skills, and be able to express decisions clearly.Case Manager RN Job Description

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Duties of a Case Manager RN (Case Manager RN job Duties)

  • Coordination and delivery of safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and client-centered care
  • Handling case assignments, developing service plans, monitoring case progress, and determining case closure
  • Assisting clients in achieving well-being and autonomy

Responsibilities of a Case Manager RN 

  • Performing intake assessments with patients and their families.
  • Assuring that families are adequately prepared and supported.
  • Creating personalized treatment programs that take into consideration physical, economic, and other limits.
  • Changing treatment protocols as necessary.
  • Making recommendations for and coordinating necessary follow-up services to enhance well-being.
  • Providing transportation to and from patients’ residences and all relevant healthcare facilities.
  • Meeting with members of healthcare teams to discuss the status of patients and to decide on appropriate care.
  • Checking to see if patients have enough insurance or money to pay for their care.
  • Creating novel solutions or making suitable referrals for patients who cannot afford therapy.
  • The complete patient needs assessments using clinical tools, statistics, and other information.
  • Create case management and treatment strategies that are unique and comprehensive.
  • Determine your insurance coverage for various treatments and treatment programs
  • Explain to patients why prescribed treatments and treatment plans are necessary.
  • Educate patients on the benefits, services, and other resources available to them, including payment alternatives.
  • To ensure a good outcome, communicate with patients, physicians, and insurance companies.
  • Document complicated medical facts in order to outline and enhance health outcomes.
  • Case and quality management processes must be followed in accordance with regulatory rules and corporate regulations.
  • Making appointments for doctor’s appointments, therapies, and other medical services
  • Care plans are revised based on the progress of patients and input from physicians and other medical providers.
  • After each contact, update the patient’s medical records
  • Giving patients and their families emotional support

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Qualifications for Case Manager RN (Case Manager RN job qualifications)

  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing is required.
  • A master’s degree in nursing is highly useful.
  • Certificates in community and/or hospital case management are available.
  • Prior experience working as an RN case manager in a similar healthcare setting.
  • Driver’s license and personal vehicle are required.Case Manager RN Job Description

Case Manager RN Job Skills

  • Knowledge of patient databases.
  • Strong awareness of the ethics of patient information storage.
  • Outstanding leadership, supervision, and motivational abilities.
  • Committed to improving the health of patients.
  • Capable of working evenings, weekends, and holidays.

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Case Manager RN Job Salary

Based on 110 salaries, an entry-level RN Case Manager with less than one year of experience can expect to make an average total compensation (tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $69,968. Based on 1,050 salaries, an early career RN Case Manager with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total salary of $72,368. Based on 1,207 salaries, a mid-career RN Case Manager with 5-9 years of experience gets an average total salary of $76,020. Based on 1,422 salaries, an experienced RN Case Manager with 10-19 years of experience gets an average total salary of $78,345 per year. Employees in their late careers (20 years and up) earn an average total salary of $81,751.Case Manager RN Job Description

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In summary, a Case Manager RN is a healthcare or social service professional who advocates for their patients. They are accountable for their customers’ well-being and advise them through the processes and rules pertaining to their cases.

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