52 Full Stack developer skills and Experience 2019

See the 52 hottest Full Stack web developer skills and experience this year. This information is useful to both employers and job seekers.

Full Stack developer skills and Experience 2019

  1. Experience with .NET WebAPI2
  2. Experience with mobile application development including Apple iOS and Android OS
  3. Understanding of relational database design technologies such as SQL and NOSQL.
  4. Experience with Amazon Web Services EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, VPC, IAM, Route53, S3
  5. Experience with embedded HW development and IoT technologies
  6. DevOps tooling such as Chef
  7. Comfortable working in both Windows and Linux
  8. Experience with UI / front end (JS, HTML, CSS) design and development
  9. Experience with supporting mission critical software
  10. Existing EOD via DHS/USCIS
  11. Experience within the ELIS directorate
  12. Strong programming skills: OOP/OOA background, C# expertise, .NET Framework
  13. Web applications expertise, ASP.NET expertise (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#), HTML5, CSS3, XSLT, T-SQL
  14. Front-end scripting languages/frameworks like Javascript, Jquery, Angular JS, React.js and responsive design competencies.
  15. Ability to develop web sites components using the most current technologies
  16. Familiarity with RESTful API’s
  17. Strong eye for detail and attention towards performance cross-platform/device.
  18. Experience with Unit Testing, Test Driven Development (NUnit)
  19. Familiarity with code versioning tools such as Git, SVN, TFS
  20. Familiarity with browser testing and debugging, Karma.js, Mocha/Chai, Jest, or similar
  21. Nice to have: Usability and accessibility knowledge and GraphQL
  22. High-level proficiency in designing and implementing web services and REST APIs, using languages such as Vue.js, Javascript, Python, Node.js, etc.
  23. Knowledge of javascript frameworks and libraries (React, Angular, jQuery, etc), with relevant work experience in React being a primary requirement
  24. Experience with server-side data; proficiency with ASP.NET MVC is a requirement
  25. Hands on experience with serverless architectures, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) or GCP (Google Cloud Platform).
  26. Expert in database technologies including SQL and no-SQL.
  27. Integrating high-availability and security into our core architecture to ensure we deliver a secure, robust, and fast user experience.
  28. Strong Python background, or other server-side languages
  29. Experience with Django is an extreme plus
  30. Working knowledge of Javascript
  31. Experience with modern JS frameworks is a plus
  32. Experience with Distributed Version Control Systems such as Git
  33. Strong software thinking/problem solving with the ability to work with peers to solve complex problems
  34. Comfortable with maintaining legacy systems
  35. Extensive experience with WordPress and other content management systems
  36. Positive attitude and enthusiasm for team collaboration
  37. Proactive approach to problem solving and continuous improvement
  38. Strong organizational skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills
  39. Exceptional customer service skills both internally and client-facing
  40. Experience with backend web development technologies (PHP, .NET, etc.) a strong plus
  41. Proficient on Mac and Windows systems, as well as MS Office programming including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  42. Experience building websites using JS frameworks such as Angular 2 and React
  43. Experience building applications using Java, Spring boot, JSON, and JavaScript
  44. Experience with Databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL
  45. Experience writing simple shell scripts (UNIX/Linux)
  46. Experience in Test Driven Development process
  47. Experience in Behaviour Driven Development process
  48. Ready to embrace a fast-paced work environment with deadlines and new challenges
  49. Keen communication and teamwork abilities
  50. Basic understanding of CI/CD
  51. Willing to learn new technologies and contribute as needed
  52. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field with 3-4 years of relevant experience

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