How to Acquire a Skill Set of a Professional

Clients look for proficiency of certain skill sets when hiring an enrichment teacher. The person with the greater skills gets hired and paid more. The marketplace pays you based on your skill level. If you have the skill level of a minimum wage worker that’s what you can expect to get paid. However, if you want your paycheck (output) to grow- so must your skill level (input).

Here are a few ways for you to increase your skill level:

Apprenticeships- a great way to build your career while working for an employer who helps you learn a certain skill or profession. Generally, apprentices work under the supervision of an established professional and also spend time in classroom training. At the conclusion of training, apprentices are considered highly skilled and can command high pay.

Internships- may be paid or unpaid, and are usually temporary positions. They help you make connections and determine if you have an interest in a particular subject or career. As an intern you receive on-the-job training for an established amount of time. These positions are typically for college students or recent college graduates. Though employment at the completion of an internship is not guaranteed, some interns find paid employment with the business they interned for.

Professional development programs- from attending seminars, conferences, taking continuing education courses, enrolling in mentoring and coaching programs- all are learning opportunities that will increase your skill set.

Your Assignment:

When I started teaching music and movement classes to preschoolers, my background as a classically trained violinist helped, but I had no experience teaching 15 little munchkins at a time. It turned out to be a great fit because I stayed within my general subject area- music and I invested in my training. If I decided to pursue teaching a class in Spanish it would have struggled. Yes, I know Spanish but I’ll leave that to the native Spanish speakers.

First, know what you’re already good at. Be enthusiastic about your subject. If you need extra training- go get it. Your investment in yourself will be well worth it in the long run. If you want to acquire the skill set of a Professional Enrichment teacher and have absolutely no experience I highly recommend that you learn under someone who has a proven track record for what you want to do. Find a good mentor, apprenticeship or internship program that will help increase your skill set to that of a professional.

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