How to Ask for a Pay Raise From Your Boss

Rather than looking for a new job while you’re still employed, you can negotiate a salary raise with your boss with the techniques explained below. With unemployment reaching record highs, most people feel lucky to have a job at all. As a result, negotiating a higher salary is out of the question for many American workers. You may be feeling like you deserve more, but are too afraid to ask your superior for a raise. There are secrets to salary negotiation that you can use to get the extra money you have earned. But before you try any of the tactics discussed here, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you a truly valuable employee at your company?
  2. Do you take very little time off, and are you available whenever your boss needs you?
  3. Do your peers routinely praise your work?
  4. Have the higher ups come to depend on you?

If you cannot answer all of these questions with a resounding “YES” then these tips will not work for you. If you can, read on to discover the secrets to securing a higher salary for yourself.

You must first take your dependability and kick it up a notch. Become indispensable to your boss. Make yourself over as the “right-hand” of your boss, and begin taking over tasks that the boss is supposed to do his or herself. This will cause your boss to dread losing you to a job with higher pay, and therefore will open the boss up to consider the possibility of giving you that raise.

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You must next ask for the raise. If you sit around expecting the boss to offer you one, you are sorely mistaken. Look, these are tight times. Individuals and companies alike are looking to save a buck any way they can. You have to sell yourself to your boss when asking for the raise, and do not use a sob story about why you need the money to do it. Leave your personal life out of the equation completely. Your boss is looking out for the bottom line, so you need to focus on spelling out why you have been an asset to the company. Initiate a sit down so you have undivided attention, and bring an outline to keep yourself on topic so you don’t freeze up.

Finally, and this is a rather risky secret, so use with caution. Apply to a few other jobs and list your boss as a contact for a reference, but make no mention of quitting. If your boss confronts you, say you applied a while back and you do not intend to quit your current job. This places you in a position of power because you have effectively planted the seed of uncertainty in your boss’ mind, and this tactic will help you immensely when you sit down for your raise talk together. Bring on the dough!

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