How to Find a Job Using Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best platforms to earn income working from home. If you haven’t heard about Fiverr, you need to! Fiverr is a service where people offer something for five dollars, usually a small task, and people hire them. These can include an epic voice over or voicemail recorded for someone’s phone, logos, writing, and more; the only limits to Fiverr are people’s imaginations.

But trying to come up with an idea to work on Fiverr can be a little difficult, as there are already so many people on there doing all kinds of wild and crazy things for five dollars. The trick is to find a task that you can do fast and many times to make the most money.

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Fiverr Job Ideas

If you’re having trouble finding ideas for your Fiverr gig, here are some of the more popular ones. Keep in mind you need to be good at these if you want to do them, on Fiverr reputation is everything; if people leave a lot of negative feedback for you, there’s no way you’ll get more than one or two clients.

Writing Reviews and Content

You can write a review or an article for someone, but try to limit it to 400-500 words. If you’re writing a review, tell them you’ll write it on your blog or facebook and generate them some traffic. Be sure to let them know you’re good with SEO and good keyword optimization, so they’ll get the best bang for their buck. Many marketers will jump on an opportunity like this, and you can easily make $50 a day doing this from home.

Promote on Facebook or Twitter

Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook or twitter? Use them to your advantage! Put up a gig that says you will promote their product or service on Facebook or Twitter and get them tons of new followers and likes. The going rate is 1,000-3,000 per five dollars, so try to keep with that.

Create Banners, Logos, and Quick Layouts

If you’re good with design, Fiverr can get you clients. Try to keep your designs simple, you shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes to an hour on every design! Include one or two redesigns with your gig, so there will be room to customize it to their needs, but not so much room that you begin losing money on how much time you’re spending on the gig.

Teach a Language

If you speak another language, you can sell 30 minutes of time to teach someone a new language. This could be customized as funny sayings, cursing, telling someone how they feel, etc. This is a good way to easily make ten dollars an hour without having to have too many skills, with something that everyone needs!

Send a Postcard or Sightseeing Advice

Do you live in an interesting or strange place? People love to collect postcards and money from different locales. The going rate is 2 postcards per Fiverr, so try to keep with that. An additional good idea is telling people interesting places to see in your area, customized to their own tastes. If you live in a metropolitan area, this is an easy and great way to make cash.

No matter what way you choose to use Fiverr, keep your tasks within a half hour to one hour time limit, and something you don’t mind doing again and again. It’s no good creating a task that will pay well that you can’t stand, the trick is finding the happy medium.

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