How to Increase Your Career Prospects

Many people don’t regard data entry jobs as particularly glamorous or exciting. However, this doesn’t change the fact having such a job is an incredibly useful source of experience.

As a Data Entry Assistant your responsibilities chiefly consist of inputting information – numbers, text and any other data types – into computers through typing or selecting options in forms. You may also need to edit and manage existing data or proofread data which has been added by your colleagues or other users – so how might these responsibilities increase your career prospects?


Very few jobs nowadays do not require you to use a computer. In more and more jobs, operating a computer is in fact the only way to do your job. As such, experience and skills in ICT can greatly increase your attractiveness as a potential job candidate.

By the nature of the work, these jobs require you to input massive amounts of data into a computer. The quicker you can do this, the more effective you are. With practice, assistants become incredibly fast at typing and are sometimes adept at using specialist keyboards too.

Touch-typing and specialist typing are transferable skills which are useful in all professions. Given the choice of two similar applicants, any employer would be crazy not to select the applicant whose experience has given them excellent typing skills, as they can theoretically do the same as their competitor but at twice the speed.

Time management

As well as being able to work faster, anyone with data entry experience is also probably competent at working to deadlines. Employers know that data entry assistants are given tight deadlines and must therefore manage their time and tasks effectively in order to meet those deadlines. This is yet another invaluable, transferrable skill cultivated by working in data entry.


Applicants for receptionist jobs, teaching jobs, sales jobs or almost any other types of role must be able to prove that they are reliable individuals. Otherwise, if they are unreliable it could have serious consequences for a business or institution.

Of course, reliability of this sort is an essential requirement for data entry. While an unpredictable individual might be able to achieve bursts of productivity, they could not succeed in the data entry business long term because these roles rely on sheer consistency of output. Having a data entry role on their CV therefore suggests to an employer that a candidate is consistently reliable.


Out of the types of data that a data entry assistant might be required to input, many can be sensitive and confidential. Personal details, bank account numbers and health records are all examples of the type of information a data entry assistant might have access to. They must therefore be responsible individuals who can treat information with the sensitivity it requires.

Of course, proof of this attribute would be a great asset to any jobseeker. For instance, someone applying to be a secretary in a doctor’s office would need proof that they could respect the confidentiality of patient records, and this could increase the chances of their application resulting in successful employment.

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