How to Look for a New Job When You Are Still Employed

As a sequel to our article on steps to make a career change successfully, we have provided various methods for getting a new job while still at current job. I’m here not only to give you as much information as possible here on this website, but I’m also here to help you take action. While it may sound cool, searching for a new job on your current job’s time, or sneaking out of the room to take interview calls, is not only unethical but also very damaging to your career.  You do not want to let your boss know that you are about to quit the workplace.  However, kind or caring your boss may be, it is a completely different story when it comes to job searching. Your boss will not be understanding about this whole ‘career advancement’ thing of yours so till you find a job, keep quiet about the job search and be discreet. In every possible way.

Here are some tips on how not to get fired before you quit your current job. Here is how to not get caught when you are looking for a new job while still employed.

Do not use office time for the job hunt: Seriously, they are not paying you to conduct your job search.  While it may seem like a smart thing to do, using office hours to take calls, post on job boards or go for interviews is not a good idea. Chances are you may get caught and it will leave a bad impression on your boss and co-workers. Do not use office resources such as printers, fax machines and telephones. Make use of your personal cell phone and personal email account. You never know, your boss might be monitoring your emails or phone calls.

Do not slack at work: Just because you are out on a job hunt does not mean you shouldn’t work hard at your current job.  Firstly, it will earn you appreciation from your boss and co-workers, and, therefore, a good reference! Secondly, nothing is more suspicious than a sudden disinterest in your job.

Be persistent: Take some time out everyday. Half an hour will do. Utilize your off-time or breaks for job search networking sites as Facebook and Twitter, HR executives and recruiters.

Be active on social networking websites. Update your LinkedIn profile and join career groups but do not forget to hide your activities and make your group memberships invisible.

Be discreet:  Lauren Mackler, a career and life coach says: “When you do submit your resume let people know you’re doing so confidentially, as you’re still currently employed,” Tell your professional recruiter, you are being confidential about the job search right now.

Do not tell your co-workers about your job, unless it is someone trustworthy or you need someone to cover up for you when you are going for the interview. Also, do not post resumes online with your name, contact information or employer name.  Create an email for this purpose. Some employers search for their employees’ name online every month to see who is looking for another job.

Schedule interviews smartly: Here’s an interview tip.  Schedule your interviews after office time or during your lunch breaks. If anything, they will appreciate you for respecting office timings at your workplace. Do not tell them you snuck out of the office to give the interview! Read our article on 10 Tips for a Successful Job Interview to get a better idea.

You may find yourself in a sticky spot if your office sports business casuals since you will be required to dress formally for the interview.  Coming to the office one morning in formal attire while everyone is wearing polo t-shirts is sure to make people suspicious. Take your suit in a dry cleaning bag to work or leave it in your car and dress up for the interview at someone’s place or in a public restroom.

Choose the right references:  Give references from your old employers. If you absolutely must give references from your current employer, give the names of your previous supervisors but let them know your current boss does not know of your job search.  If you are putting the name of your current supervisor on your resume, mention “Kindly do not contact. Unaware I am looking for job.”

Now it’s time to make a commitment…Step out of your comfort zone and Find your dream job! Post your Resume Today.

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