How to Set Achievable Career Goals

We recently discussed on how you can get to the peak of your career. Today, we are discussing something more important; Career Goals. Have you decided to Achieve your Career Goals? Do you feel like you’re just floating along in your life, with no clear direction or objective?

One day, you need to decide enough is enough then sit down and make a life plan to give your ambitions a clear direction. You can read the steps to make a career change successfully here.

If you feel lost and you want to hone in on your true direction as well, then you need to get organized and make a life plan of your own. You can forget all the vague, gimmicky articles and Internet courses that pop up when you type “life plan” into Google. All you really need to do is follow these steps to guide you through the process from start to finish.

You are going to need some plans

Buy a notebook, a planner that has daily/weekly/monthly pages, and a monthly calendar with large daily blocks that you can write in. Post your monthly calendar on your fridge, then put your notebook somewhere safe and keep your planner close by. You could make your life plan in your smart phone, too, but it’s much more effective to use old-fashioned pen and paper to get it done.

Get that brain working

Take out your notebook and make a list of the roles you play in your life as well as roles you would like to play. Some of the possibilities may be:

  1. Student
  2. Parent
  3. Sibling
  4. Employee
  5. Boss
  6. Entrepreneur

You get the idea.

Write them down, and then write out how you want others to remember you in each of those roles. Spend a good hour on this step. Flesh out everything you can think of and write it down. This will help you decide what your priorities are.

Get greedy

And I don’t just mean with money. I want you to open a fresh page of your notebook and write down a list of goals for your life. Use your list of roles to help you think of every goal that you have. You will be surprised at what you write when you think this way. Hopes and dreams that you didn’t even know you had will surface as you work through this step.  Spend some serious time on this one as well.

 Get ready to take action

Make 3 lists of action steps that you must take to achieve all of the goals you recorded on the previous page. You need a list for things to do now, one for 6 months from now, and a final list for long-term action steps. Refer to your goals page as you complete all three action step lists.

 Record those action steps

Write all of the action steps from your “now” list in your planner. Write the steps from your “6 months from now” list on your fridge calendar. Every morning, refer to your planner for what you need to do for the day. Glance at your monthly calendar frequently to make sure you are staying on track.

 Update, update, update

Make a note on your fridge calendar to update your life plan every 6 months. This includes looking back over and revising your goals, if necessary. Mark through and add to your action steps as needed. It only takes one day of intense preparation to make a life plan, but once you have yours in place, you will start to find all of the things you once thought were holding you back begin to fall away.

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