How to Write a Killer Resume in 4 Steps

We have provided lots of resources concerning Resume writing here which you might want to read, How to Sell Yourself Effectively Through Resumes and 10 Tips for your Resume To Land You An Interview Call. Here is another important aspect you need to read.

Knowing how to write your resume is so important, and sadly most people don’t know how to do it themselves. Some even go to great lengths to hire others to write it for them, but you don’t need a professional to write a killer resume. Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know to write a winning resume, and how some simple tricks can help you land your dream job.

1. Presentation is Everything

When writing and designing your resume, remember that presentation is everything! Employers will first just glance at it, and if it’s plain and poorly formatted it’s going to get tossed back into the pile. To understand what you need for your resume, you need to do some research.

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In Google, type in the name of the field you want, like designer or technical writer, and look at the pdfs and pages that pop up. These will give you a good idea of what employers in that field are looking for. Leave out irrelevant information; if you worked at Wendy’s for two years but you want to be a blogger, this is probably irrelevant.

Look through ads for your chosen field/job, and see what keywords pop up often. Lace your resume with these words at 3-5% density. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to customize your resume.

2. Customize for Success

For each job, tailor your resume to show your skills relevant to the position. This might take ten minutes each time, but it shows prospective employers that you care enough about getting the job that you’re willing to take that time. If you choose to go with a standard resume that you don’t want to tweak, keep in mind that you should update your resume’s look every six months or so. What was flashy and catchy then might just be tacky now.

Another thing to think about is what file format you want your resume in. You can easily publish your Office document to PDF (the de facto standard) in Office 2007/2010 just in case you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t have a newer version of Office; everyone has Adobe Acrobat Reader and it’s the best thing short of a plain document to make sure your resume gets read.

3. Protect Yourself

When you do your research, you will see people put all their information online, not thinking that any one else could see it but the employers they choose to share it with. Any one could easily hijack your identity and start working as you online, so just put your name at the top like you normally would; when you email your resume out or post it on a freelancing or jobs site, employers will know how to get a hold of you.

4. Cover Letters Catch Eyes

Cover letters are what catch people’s eyes. Make sure you put it in the email, or above your resume. This shows a prospective employer that you’ve taken the time to look over their job offer and you understand what they need and want in the person they’re trying to hire.

Now you’re armed with all you need to do to make your own killer resume, happy hunting!

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