Importance of Having a Strong Online Presence in Your Job Search

Many people do not know how important it is to have a positive online image. They do not understand that countless job seekers, though very competent and highly qualified for the positions, lose their chance to land the job because they have a negative online image. Read: How to Find a Job Using Fiverr

Before the invention of Web 2.0 or of online social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, employers had to hire private investigators to unearth things about the candidates for a job position. Now, everything has changed. A simple Google search will yield countless information about a person.

When you are not aware of how to have a positive online image, you might just ruin your chance to land a job. Though kissing your significant other may just be the best feeling in the world; posting the photo online might just be the biggest mistake that you can make. Anything you post online may reveal more than what you would otherwise want to reveal to a potential employer.

Learn how to create a positive online image and avoid ruining your chance to land amazing career opportunities. Here are some steps on how to make sure that the next time a potential employer looks you up, you’ll be the best employee he’ll ever want to hire!

First of all, you need to see what people actually see when they search your name online. Try to pretend that you are your employer then search your name on Google. Check out the search results and see, what comes out. Check out the images that they see. Then start checking out your names in the websites and forums that you frequent like Facebook or Twitter. Search your name and check out your profile. Do your search results give a satisfactory image of yourself? If not, take note of the negative things that you noticed. Remove or delete compromising pictures or blog posts.

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Secondly, disassociate your real name to stuff that might show you in a negative light. Un-tag any picture you were tagged in on your social networking sites. Delete potentially harmful pictures or ask your friends to delete your pictures that put you in compromising position. If you write blogs, avoid writing controversial things about yourself and about your views on certain socio-political subjects. If you cannot help to write about these things in your blog, use pseudonyms and avoid posting your face. Try also to use “PASSWORD PROTECT” options on these articles. Remember, your employer will most likely use your real name to search for you, so everything that has your name on it should be positive!

Thirdly, put your personal accounts on the ‘private’ setting. This is a key point in having a positive online image. Keep your personal stuff private!

Fourth, create accounts on social networking sites that are only for the public. Keep the status as positive as possible and write career oriented status such as “I decided to volunteer to work on Saturday. Let’s do our best for the company!” Your PUBLIC ACCOUNTS should bear your real name, if you have a nickname; use that in your PRIVATE ACCOUNTS. Your public accounts should show your enthusiasm and your passion for your work.

Fifth, avoid commenting negatively to online posts and forums. As much as possible, avoid using your real name when leaving comments. Address any online attacks to you. Email any person who has created any negatively written articles about or posted compromising pictures of you.

Learning how to have a positive online image is essential for any job seeker. Follow the steps we provided and you will surely clean up your online history in no time!

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