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Jane Street Internship 2023 – See the available positions, qualifications/eligibility, responsibilities, benefits, salary, and how to apply.

About Jane Street

Jane Street Capital is a global proprietary trading firm. Jane Street was co-founded by Tim Reynolds, Rob Granieri, Marc Gerstein, and Michael Jenkins in the year 2000. Jane Street has over 1,700 employees. The company is one of the world’s largest market-makers, and in 2020, it traded more than $17 trillion worth of securities. During the market turmoil in 2020, the company was considered to have helped keep bond ETFs liquid. Jane Street Internship

As of 2014, Jane Street became one of only a few hundred businesses (across all sectors) that use the OCaml programming language. OCaml was adopted as Jane Street’s main programming language early on because the language’s functional programming style and clear expressiveness made it possible for code reviews to be performed by traders who were not programmers, to verify that high-performance code would do what it was intended to do. The company has also released some open source code on GitHub that includes their versions of standard OCaml libraries.

Jane Street Internship Application

Jane Street internship hiring process

Jane Street is a very successful company, which is why so many candidates apply for their internship positions every year. If you’re interested in applying for Jane Street internship position, you should expect to be in for some serious competition. Their internships typically run for 10-12 weeks between May and September. The hiring process takes a few weeks and can be quite stressful so it’s best to know what to expect. If you’re applying, expect your entire hiring process to go as follows:

1. Application

Once you send in your application, it will be reviewed by a hiring staff at Jane Street. They will respond to every application they receive, so expect to be contacted within a week or so. If you are not fit for the role you applied for, they might suggest another role that suits you better.

2. Interviews

The interview process will consist of phone interviews at the start, and then later on you can have the option of either video conferencing interviews or in-person interviews for the final stage.

3. Job Offer

If you successfully pass all their interviews, then you’ll receive a job offer. Once you accept the job offer, you will be provided with information on the start date, salary, and so on.

Top 10 Jane Street internship hiring positions and their salary

Interns at Jane Street are one of the highest paid in the United States. They are paid an average salary of $16,000 a month, which is the equivalent of $192,000 a year. Below are the top 10 Jane Street internship hiring positions and their annual salaries:

Position Salary
1. Sales Trader $242,000
2. Network Architect $223,000
3. Trading Systems DevOps Engineer $219,000
4. Trading Consultant $207,000
5. Technical Account Manager $179,000
6. Software Engineering $172,000
7. IT Manager $164,000
8. Quantitative Researcher $161,000
9. Product Manager $159,000
10. Machine Learning Engineer $153,000


Benefits of Jane Street internship program 

It’s not just a huge paycheck interns benefit from Jane Street, they are also offered many more amazing benefits. Once you become an intern at Jane Street, all the following benefits will be available to you and more:

  • Onsite, fully staffed medical suite that offers primary care, physical therapy, and mental health therapy.
  • Top-tier medical, dental and vision coverage.
  • Opportunities to attend host trainings, bootcamps and classes.
  • Food and recreation spaces for fun and camaraderie.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and treats.
  • Private, onsite gym.
  • Regular after-work events: chess and ping-pong tournaments, card games, trivia nights, dinners, sports and cultural outings, and even the occasional karaoke night.
  • Jane Street covers a week of travel to another one of their offices over the course of your internship.


Interns at Jane Street are given specific responsibilities relating to their internship role. As an intern, you should expect to get hands-on with important projects that are crucial to the company. You’ll work alongside and in collaboration with other interns, employees and supervisors on a variety of projects. You’ll explore ways to approach and solve problems through challenging classes and interactive discussions, with endless opportunities to put those learnings to use.


Before you apply for an internship position at Jane Street, you have to make sure you have all the required qualifications. They prefer candidates that are curious, organized, open-minded, humble, pleasant to work with, and open to feedback.

Specific qualifications that you may need to apply for an internship role at Jane Street will depend on the role you are applying for. I suggest you read the job description carefully and find out details about the qualifications you may need for the position. However, there are some general qualifications that Jane Street require all their interns to have, and they include:

  • An ability to quickly discover and consider unexpected edge cases.
  • A strong quantitative thinker.
  • Someone who can and enjoys working collaboratively on a team.
  • Eager to ask questions, admit mistakes, and willing to learn new things.
  • Good communication skills in English

How to search for Jane Street internship opportunities online

To search for Jane Street internship opportunities online, simply visit the Jane Street internship official website and browse through available job positions. There are several positions you can apply for depending on your qualifications and interests. Look through the ones you are interested in and make sure you meet all the requirements before you apply. There are also several websites online that you can use to search for Jane Street internship opportunities, they include: Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

Step-by-step application guide

Applying for an internship position at Jane Street is an easy and straightforward process, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official Jane Street internship website.
  2. View open internship positions and filter by type, location, department, season/duration.
  3. Choose the open position that best suits your interests and qualifications.
  4. Read the job description carefully, and make sure you agree with all the requirements and meet all the qualifications.
  5. Follow their instructions to apply and make sure all the information you input is accurate and up-to-date.

Official Jane Street internship website: https://www.janestreet.com/join-jane-street/open-roles/