kitchen Manager Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities, Qualifications, Skills and Salary

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In this article, we will show you the detailed and updated kitchen Manager job description. Here you will also find the duties of a kitchen Manager, responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and estimated annual salary.

This kitchen Manager job description template provides critical duties and responsibilities for a kitchen manager. It’s ready to post on various job sites to assist you to recruit and hire people who will be in charge of coordinating and supervising a restaurant’s kitchen staff according to food safety standards.¬† As a job seeker, you can use this information to make a very rich resume and as well get yourself prepared for an interview.

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kitchen Manager Job Description

kitchen Manager Job Description

A Kitchen Manager, also known as a Restaurant Manager, is in charge of managing and supervising the kitchen staff of a restaurant in accordance with food safety requirements. Hiring, training, and scheduling Cooks performing quality control on food leaving the kitchen, and ordering inventory to keep up with demand are all part of their responsibilities.

Kitchen managers are in charge of the general operations of a restaurant’s kitchen. Their purpose, sometimes known as a kitchen supervisor, is to guarantee that the culinary department functions efficiently and in accordance with safety rules. Ordering meals, preparing menus, and supervising workers are all part of the job. kitchen Manager Job Description

In a fine dining establishment, you will supervise the back of the house as a Kitchen Manager. You will hire and train kitchen personnel as well as guarantee that Safe practices are followed. You will be in charge of ordering food and supplies as well as negotiating with vendors to get optimal pricing while staying within budget. You will make certain that the meal is made accurately and quickly. Additionally, you are responsible for keeping the kitchen area clean.

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Duties of kitchen Manager(Kitchen Manager job Duties)

  • Order materials, supplies, and ingredients based on demand.
  • Organize meal orders and supervise kitchen personnel.
  • Supervise the preparation and cooking of food.
  • Recruit and train kitchen workers in certain stations.
  • Inventory levels should be monitored and assessed on a weekly basis.

Responsibilities of Kitchen Manager

  • Coordinate menu offerings with General Manager and Chef.
  • Build relationships with vendors.
  • Order food and supplies as needed.
  • Ensure that the kitchen is clean and that all regulations are followed.
  • Ensure that the food is cooked to order and on time.
  • Food goods should be stored in accordance with safe practices (e.g. in refrigerators)
  • Maintained weekly and monthly cost reports.
  • Maintain kitchen sanitation and safety requirements.
  • Kitchen staff education
  • Managing Kitchen Employees
  • Organizing kitchen staff shifts
  • Menu preparation
  • Food order coordination
  • Keeping track of kitchen inventory
  • Purchasing kitchen supplies and equipment
  • Maintaining cost reports
  • Providing a positive customer experience
  • Upholding health and safety requirements
  • Monitors kitchen operations to ensure that health and fire department requirements are followed.
  • Ensures that state, federal, and municipal food handling rules and standards are met.
  • Throughout the scheduled shift, assists with the execution and management of kitchen and restaurant policies and procedures.
  • When necessary, performs the tasks of a line cook and is capable of completing the duties of all culinary jobs. kitchen Manager Job Description
  • Ensures that products are stored at the proper temperatures and that recipe books are current with menu items, amounts, and ingredients.
  • Ensures that daily prep sheets and meat/fish yield sheets are used and that product counts are recorded appropriately on a daily basis. Takes part in the monthly inventory procedure.
  • Anticipates, identifies, and corrects inventory, system, and staffing concerns.
  • Monitors labor costs to ensure that budgeted goals are met while adhering to restaurant regulations and procedures.

Qualifications for Kitchen Manager(Kitchen Manager job qualifications)

  • A bachelor’s degree in restaurant management or culinary school certification is required.
  • A minimum of three years of experience in a similar job is required.

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Kitchen Manager Job Skills

  • Knowledge of a variety of cuisine recipes
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities
  • Excellent organizational abilities
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Outstanding organizational abilities
  • Ability to function successfully in a team setting
  • Outstanding leadership abilities
  • Capability to stand for extended periods of time
  • Working ability in a fast-paced setting

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Kitchen Manager Job Salary

Based on 26 salaries, an entry-level Kitchen Manager with less than one year of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $14.12. Based on 855 salaries, an entry-level Kitchen Manager with 1-4 years of experience gets an average total salary of $14.57. Based on 740 salaries, a mid-career Kitchen Manager with 5-9 years of experience gets an average total salary of $15.22. Based on 728 salaries, an experienced Kitchen Manager with 10-19 years of experience gets an average total salary of $15.74. Employees in their late career (20 years or more) earn an average total remuneration of $16. kitchen Manager Job Description

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In summary, Kitchen Managers work in restaurants, catering firms, hotels, and other commercial kitchens to ensure that consumers receive regular, high-quality meals on schedule and within budget. Their job is to supervise back-of-house personnel such as Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, and Dishwashers before, during, and after meal service.

Kitchen managers inspect the kitchen to verify that everything is properly organized and sterilized. Each week, they take stock of how much food was sold and alter ingredient orders accordingly. The Kitchen Manager also searches for low-cost suppliers and negotiates menu prices with the restaurant’s General Manager.