Project Manager Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities, Qualifications, Skills and Salary

This article will provide you with a detailed and up-to-date description of a project manager job description; the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and annual salary. Are you preparing to be interviewed for a project manager position? Or are you looking to recruit and hire talented project managers that will provide support to your company? Everything you need to know about a project manager’s job description is here.  Project Manager Job Description

This job description template provides critical duties and responsibilities for a project manager. It’s useful to post on various job sites to assist by handling a variety of tasks in order to ensure that all interactions between the organization and others are positive and productive. You can use this information as a job seeker to make a good resume and get ready for an interview.  Project Manager Job Description

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Project Manager Job Description

Sales Associate Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities, Qualifications, skills and Salary

A Project Manager is a professional who is responsible for ensuring that their team completes all projects on time and on budget. They prevent scope creep while also managing individual tasks for their respective teams with great care to avoid unpleasant surprises. Project Manager Job Description

Project Managers work with various team members within an organization. Generally, they report to Project Leads, Managers, Directors, and sometimes Senior Vice Presidents (SVP). Effective communication is a crucial skill to be a good Project Manager because it is necessary to use a language that everyone on their team understands to clarify what task needs to be executed and how this should happen effectively. Efficient project managers not only make sure projects meet their deadlines, but, they are also accountable business partners who know how essential it is for an organization to become successful.  Project Manager Job Description

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Duties of a Project Manager Job (Project Manager Duties)

  • Creating long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines
  • Delegating tasks on the project to employees best positioned to complete them
  • Making effective decisions when presented with multiple options for how to progress with the project
  • Serving as a point of contact for teams when multiple units are assigned to the same project to ensure team actions remain in synergy
  • Communicating with executives or the board to keep the project aligned with their goals
  • Performing quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected
  • Adjusting schedules and targets on the project as needs or financing for the project change

Project Manager Responsibilities

  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
  • Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical
  • Feasibility
  • Ensure resource availability and allocation
  • Develop a detailed project plan to track progress
  • Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs
  • Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques
  • Report and escalate to management as needed
  • Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders
  • Perform risk management to minimize project risks
  • Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation
  • Coordinating with cross-discipline team members to make sure that all parties are on track with project requirements, deadlines, and schedules.
  • Meeting with project team members to identify and resolve issues.
  • Submitting project deliverables and ensuring that they adhere to quality standards.
  • Preparing status reports by gathering, analyzing, and summarizing relevant information.
  • Establishing effective project communication plans and ensuring their execution.
  • Facilitating change requests to ensure that all parties are informed of the impacts on schedule and budget.
  • Coordinating the development of user manuals, training materials, and other documents as needed to enable successful implementation and turnover of the process or system to the clients.
  • Identifying and developing new opportunities with clients.
  • Obtaining customer acceptance of project deliverables.
  • Managing customer satisfaction within the project transition period.
  • Conducting post-project evaluation and identifying successful and unsuccessful project elements.
  • ERP project oversight.

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Qualifications of a Project Manager

  • A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a related field.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a plus.
  • Proven experience in project management.
  • Ability to lead project teams of various sizes and see them through to completion.
  • Strong understanding of formal project management methodologies.

Skills of a Project Manager

  • Great educational background, preferably in the fields of computer science or engineering for technical project managers
  • Proven working experience as a project administrator in the information technology sector
  • Solid technical background, with understanding or hands-on experience in software development and web technologies
  • Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • PMP / PRINCE II certification is a plus 
  • Experience as a construction project manager, IT project manager, or ERP project manager.
  • Able to complete projects in a timely manner.
  • Understanding of ERP implementation.
  • Experience overseeing a construction project.
  • Budget management experience.

Salary of a Cashier

Project managers are highly skilled professionals with an impressive skill set, and for that reason they are well-compensated for their work. The average salary for a project manager in the United States is $93,053. Depending on the industry and the skill level, project manager salaries can range anywhere from $35k to an impressive $231k per year.

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As a project manager, you are responsible for creating long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines. A project manager is expected to keep their knowledge of the company’s products, services, and policies up to date.

A great project manager is attentive to details, Coordinating with cross-discipline team members to make sure that all parties are on track with project requirements, deadlines, and schedules. You also have to maintain composure in each project they are assigned to do.

Complaint handling is an important aspect of this position. Making sure a company’s project fund is not mishandled and projects are executed while adhering to company policies necessitates with a blend of intelligence and tact.

Finally, you’ll ensure that all projects are done smoothly and that you maximize companies satisfaction.

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