Recruitment Challenges Employers Face in Getting the Right Staff

Today’s job market is tough for job seekers and even tougher for employers.

You may think with so many people out of work, that it would be easier for employers to hire staff, but it’s actually becoming more difficult. There are so many people unemployed, that when a company posts an ad with a vacancy, they can become inundated with so many resumes, it can be challenging to find the right person.

A company will want to find a suitable person who will not only have the experience they are looking for, but as well, has the educational level required.

With so many applicants, there seems to be an overflow of possible candidates.

Whether the prospective new employee will be able to fit in with the rest of the team is a concern.

Will they ease into the company, learn the job and tasks at hand with ease and will they have difficulty in getting along with others?

Is there anything an employer can do to speed up this lengthy recruitment process?

Employers can often eliminate some of the candidates with drug tests, personality tests and background checks and references. Still, prospective candidates often know how to answer questions in a personality test and can fool even the most seasoned employment manager or human resource person.

The person that passes all the tests and checks could end up being a person that is inflexible and unable to learn new systems.

They may even insist that the new employer change systems to that of their previous employer.

Today, many employers are finding a solution to this problem by turning to recruiting services for help in hiring.

The recruitment services weed out the applicants and narrow down the list for the employers.

A professional recruiter will learn what the employer is looking for and search for applicants that fit the criteria. They have methods and systems in place so that they are better able to get down to the nuts and bolts of what a company wants and needs.

In addition, they will have screened the applicants to make sure they are not sending them on jobs they are not even interested in or qualified to make an application.

This can be a big waste of time for the job seeker and the hiring employer, and recruiters are able to eliminate that potential waste of time for everyone involved.

This is a huge time saver for employers, and when a company is saving time on one of its most valuable departments such as human resources, it is a money saver too.

Time is valuable, and today it seems that businesses and all industries around the world are short of time.

Having a professional recruiter to accelerate the process of elimination when it comes to interviewing prospective employees is a wonderful tool and avoids the challenges, issues and pains of building the right workforce.

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