Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in America

On a search for the highest paying jobs? As everybody knows a high paying job can lead to a better life. Yet another wonderful resource here on, we have researched and compiled useful information on the top 5 highest paying Jobs in the United States of America.

More money is something we would all love to have.

In my opinion, money is a motivator only in the essence that it leads to freedom and specific things you need to do with that freedom.For me, it’s a time and location freedom.

That’s how I look at it.

In the past when my some of my decisions were based on purely on money, I’ve made some stupid choices. Always make your decisions around more fulfillment, more happiness and more freedom.

You need to make decisions that will move you towards what you really want to do in your life rather than only paying the bills now and having no money left for the things you want to do.

Make clear goals and think about pursuing the career you’ve always wanted that will bring you more happiness and  fulfillment.

That’s what I did.

Lately, job market is changing due to availability of huge amounts of information to businesses. The amount of data available to businesses is expected to grow 50 times over the next 10 years. Corporations need people who can sort and analyze information and make it useful. Hence professions such as market research analysts and management analysts will be among the most sought after.

You need to start training for a career in a growing industry!

We have an aging population. This is another reason affecting the job market. The growing number of senior citizens will need more health care professionals to take care of them. Some of the fields such as Medical Transcription & Editing, Medical Coding, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Administrative Assisting are among some of the fastest growing in the nation and all report competitive salaries. It is great school and it can make a difference in you landing a job so quickly.

24/7 Wall Street has listed jobs with the best salary in the future. Not only will these jobs be the most demanded, their median income will also be above the national average income. You might want to read about the best tips for a successful job interview here.

Lets take a look at some highest paying jobs in the United States:

1. Nurse Practitioners:

Median expected salary: $90,121

Registered nurses provide health care to patients independently as well as with other health care professionals. Practitioner nurses ensure patient care for illnesses and injuries and look after disease prevention, diagnosis and medical treatment. They are required to possess a master’s degree in the area of specialty and certification as a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner. For advanced practice, state authority is required.

2. Auditors and Accountants:

Median expected salary of accountants: $75,049

Median expected salary of auditors: $86,515

Currently, more than a million auditors and accountants are working in businesses for record keeping, managing taxes and preparing financial statements. The number is predicted to increase by a quarter million in future. A rise in the number of businesses, change in financial laws and corporate regulations make this profession a good choice to pursue in future.

3. Management Analysts:

Median expected salary: $69,959

They provide consulting services to businesses and aid them in optimizing performance. Their employment is expected to grow by 24 percent, much faster than average as industries are seeking expert counseling to streamline their businesses. Management analysts conduct work analysis and provide recommendations to improve organizational efficiency. They may require a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 5 years of experience in the same or related field. Experience and analytical skills are the key to accomplishing goals in this profession.

4. Computer Applications Software Engineers:

Expected median salary: $58,446(Software Engineer I) -$116,352(Software Engineer V)

The rage of mobile apps and cloud computing has this profession become one of the most promising ones in the future, offering a high salary and the best opportunities. This profession is showing rapid growth in employment rate.

5. Physicians and Surgeons:

Expected median salary of physician generalist: $166,152

Expected median salary of surgeon: $304,528

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment growth as well as the gap created by a high number of retiring physicians from 2008-2018 will result in many opportunities created in this profession.

Salaries vary widely from neural surgeons to general practitioners but the prospects are lucrative for all. Lowest wage for physician generalists is $124,294. For surgeons, ten to fifteen years of intensive medical training is required but it pays off in the end. It is best to acquire specialization in a specific field of surgery for instance neurosurgeon or a heart surgeon.

Whatever you are doing now, just step away for 10 minutes and reset your dream lines…

What do you want?

What are your goals?

What excites you?

Find your purpose and  keep trying in the best ways you know how, and you will find happiness in that.

Please leave a comment and (respectfully) share your take…


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