Top 9 Reasons to Quit Your Job

At some point in your life, probably when your income might grow more than 100% in few years with a job, you might be still miserable. Simply take a closer look at those who are years ahead of you on the same track and it might scare the hell out of you. Waking up in the morning, attending those nonsense meetings that drag on and on, full of B.S. and politics; one day you’ll make the decision; bail out and never look back.

So here’s the 9 reasons you need to quit your job right now.

1) Safety. Most people assume they are safe being in a corporate environment. You think you will be an expert in your field, move up the corporate ladder and save enough to sit on a beach with a fancy drink on hand and hat on. Think again! Realize corporations don’t care about you;you are just a number in their balance sheet until they get bought out and make millions of dollars . CEO salaries and bonuses continually increase each year and yet people are laid off. Why don’t companies start by decreasing CEO salaries at least 10 percent and passing this on to employees? Of course, it never happens. If you think your job is safe, you’d better to wake up.

2) Your Boss. If your boss slapping on you tons of work, slipping in criticism on petty issues, showing no or little appreciation for your hard work or doesn’t stop acting like a jerk, it’s time to call quits. Remember he/she is not the slave master, he/she is only your supervisor…You’ve been taking insults for a while. Do yourself a favor and stop putting up with this unprofessional attitude. If you don’t get out, you become miserable for life.

3) Your coworkers. Being a part of team is a great experience. But what if you are working with someone who is incompetent, noisy or “Debby Downer”? Each time you have to talk to her, she stands in your office and tell about her children, whom you could care less about, for hours. Next time you are walking up to her in the hallway tell her next time she opens her mouth you’ll punch her in the face. A less permanent alternative is to undo a screw in her chair.

4) Hope. Most people who don’t leave their jobs hope things would get better with time or increase in salary would make up for the amount of work given. This is called Hallucination.Do you really think your boss suddenly is gonna turn into nicest person?If something is already bad, it doesn’t get better; it only gets worse.It’s time to wake up.

5) The Work : Another reason which may also be sighted for job hopping is that your current job has been devoid of passion and excitement. You don’t feel that you are making the best use of your skills or feel that you have achieved what you had to from this place. This place has nothing more to offer and you should seek newer opportunities.

6) The economy is improving. I know. It doesn’t seem like it but economy has improved considerably. Stop watching negative news.Employers added 1.45 million workers last year through November, bringing job losses since the recession started in December 2007 to 6.28 million, according to Labor Department figures. News are poisonous. Jump on monster and start looking around for job openings – or you will never able to escape it.

7) Values: Your values and beliefs clash with your corporate culture. You used to believe in an egalitarian and unbiased culture and here you are in a workplace rigged with gender discrimination and bias. If your conscience is not putting up with the ethically wrong activities taking place at your office, stop compromising on your beliefs and values as it will only lead to more rifts to the work place.

8) Life is short. You have a job you hate and you dislike what you are doing the most physically capable years of your life. You don’t want to look back at your life and say, “man, those were the worst 45 years of my life.” This is a bittersweet ending.

9) No room for Growth. Didn’t get that promotion? Join the club; you are not the only one. You are looking for a big challenge and to grow your career but you do the same repetitive task everyday? Ask yourself, what will I sacrifice if I continue on this job career for 5,10 or 20 years?

Here is a piece of advice:

The most important thing is to start immediately. Once you’ve made up your mind to escape the rat race, you need to do something about it right now. Find something that you really love to do, get some training/education in it so you can become at least competent.

Now it’s your turn to think big.

Shift your goals from ambiguous wants to defined steps, you will soon see the results.


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