Vice President Sales Operations Job Description, Duties, Responsibilities, Qualifications, Skills and Salary 

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In this article, we will show you the detailed and updated Job Description for Vice President Sales Operations. Here you will also find the duties of a Job description of a Vice President Sales Operations responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and estimated annual salary. Vice President Sales Operations Job Description

This Vice President Sales Operations description template provides critical duties and responsibilities for a Job description for a Vice President Sales Operations. It’s ready to post on various job sites and the main responsibility of a job description for a Vice President Sales Operations is delivering thorough sales forecasting while keeping an eye on the market and the goods and activities of rival companies.

As a job seeker, you can use this information to make a very rich resume and as well get yourself prepared for an interview.

Vice President Sales Operations Job Description

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A company’s support investments in the efficiency of its sales force are to be directed by a vice president of sales operations, who also oversees the operations crucial to the productivity of the sales force. In order to provide client pleasure, the vice president must actively participate in the life cycle of sales and build strong relationships. One of the vice president’s key responsibilities is to find and hire top-performing sales reps and train them. To help the company meet its financial, operational, and sales objectives, the vice president must also put numerous plans into action.

Duties of a Vice president sales operations

  • developing training programs and hiring sales personnel.
  • sustaining sales processes and leading sales teams.
  • budgeting for and controlling sales.
  • establishing quarterly and yearly sales targets and inspiring the sales staff to meet them.
  • delivering thorough sales forecasting while keeping an eye on the market and the goods and activities of rival companies.

Responsibilities of a Vice president sales operations

  • Lead a team with high standards for quality, accuracy, and consistency in the processes for the planning, reporting, order processing, compensation design, and strategic analysis of sales.
  • In close collaboration with Finance and other cross-functional leadership, drive the annual planning process for the whole global sales organization, including business modeling, territory planning, and pay design.
  • Control the group in charge of Snow’s “deal desk,” which makes sure that orders are completed quickly.
  • Increase sales productivity by creating and refining systems and processes.
  • Provide fundamental business data, reporting, and analytics, such as bookings, pipeline, lead funnel, and churn analysis.
  • Manage all members of the Sales Operations team on a daily basis and provide overall leadership.
  • Work together on product pricing strategy with the Snow product management team.
  • Full responsibility for all sales activities for a start-up electronic commerce company managing electronic data flow in the healthcare industry.
  • Identify gaps, needs, opportunities, formulate recommend solutions, and develop ROI calculations and implementation plans.
  • Launch innovative processes that generate significant ROI for the company, including a new method for pricing digital books.
  • Identify and integrate digital document delivery and e-signature system into CRM platform.
  • Spearhead enterprise consolidation of multiple disparate CRM systems across all business units.
  • Reverse negative relationship with distributors through personal relationship building, changes in sales execution, and implementation of new distributor programs.
  • Demonstrate technological abilities assisting with the implementation a new cloud-base ERP system.
  • Develop and maintain high level of professionalism and relationships with c-level executives.

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Qualifications of a Vice president sales operations

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, advanced degree or MBA preferred
  • 15+ years’ experience with 5+ years as a Sales Operations leader in a software company
  • Proven ability to lead and scale Sales Operations of significant scope through growth periods
  • Expert proficiency in
  • Deep experience with Business Intelligence (BI) applications (e.g., Qlik, Power BI, or fanatical Excel user)
  • Demonstrated ability to design and implement sales processes and infrastructure
  • Experience with cross-functional collaboration with Finance, Legal and Marketing
  • Results orientated with strong decision-making skills and the ability to prioritize multiple objectives while meeting aggressive deadlines

Skills of a Vice president sales operations

  • Analytical Skills: A candidate for this position must demonstrate exceptional analytical skills and a passion for the insights that result from those analyses. The candidate for this position must, therefore, possess an ability to analyze complex information and data, translating these findings into actionable deliverables, strategies, targets, messages, and presentations.
  • Interpersonal Skills: The Head of Sales Operations must also possess certain attributes that make him even more suited for the position. He must be consumer-oriented and have a passion for serving others, must work comfortably in a group setting, be self-motivated and inspire the same in his team, be a problem-solver and thought-leader, have strong strategic and thinking skills, have a positive winning attitude, and have an ability to maintain composure in stressful and uncertain situations.
  • People Skills: The Head of Sales Operations must have the ability to build and maintain strong and lasting relationships as a representative of the business, enabling him to lure in prospective consumers, therefore, furthering the business’s sales agenda. He must be an approachable individual with a likeable personality that makes working and associating with him and the business preferable.Good people skills will also enable him to earn the trust of colleagues and senior management, therefore, enabling smooth performance of his duties.

Salary of a Vice president sales operations

The vice president of sales and operations typically earns a yearly salary of $162,997, or $78.36 per hour. Vice presidents of sales and operations typically make between $112,000 and $236,000 year, which indicates that the highest paid vice presidents of sales and operations make $112,000 more than the lowest paid.


In summary, The Vice President is a key leadership role and will sit on Snow’s Field Leadership Team, directly manage the Sales Operations team, and report to the Chief Revenue Office.
To be successful as a VP of sales, you should have good leadership skills and the ability to drive company success. Ultimately, a top-notch VP of sales should have an in-depth knowledge of the market and competitive products and have excellent customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills

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