Work from Home Client Specialist at Express Writers – Denver, CO

Work from home jobs in Colorado, USA – Apply for the current Work from Home Client Specialist at Express Writers – Denver, CO. See job description, requirements and how to apply. 

Work from Home Client Specialist at Express Writers - Denver, CO

Work from Home Client Specialist at Express Writers – Job description

We’re a unique, industry-leading content writing agency looking to hire a smart, outgoing, savvy, client-minded person for a contracted role, for a full-time position of 7-8 hours/day.

This is a great work-from-home opportunity where you will learn a lot and work with a thriving, fast-paced team of content creators and project managers. 100% of our entire team works from home! We are a high-performing team, completely built on bootstrapped grassroots effort through a ton of hard work put in on behalf of our founder, and we’re in search of another high-performer. If you’re not willing to put in the work, hours, or elbow grease, don’t bother applying. In return, if we find this person, we want to keep them forever! <3

We’re in search of a smart, people-person person, who enjoys guiding clients in the best way possible in phone, email, and chat, and can hop on our live chats the moment they come in. We need someone who is self-motivated, self-disciplined, and doesn’t need to rely on someone else to jumpstart their day – this is a work-from-home role, and you’ll need to have your own organized home office, etc.

We’re also looking for an intuitive, fast, tech-savvy person who knows how to “get on it,” to put it bluntly. We need you to realize that leaving a hot prospect without a quote for more than an hour could mean a lost prospect! In this role, our hot inbound potential clients, our prospects, are your #1 focus. You’ll need to handle multiple convos — a live chat, an email — with ease and not feel pressured at all. If you have experience in office administration, sales, and customer service, and excel in those areas — this is a perfect fit.

So, what will you actually be doing in this role?

This is a role that directly contributes to our revenue, and we’re calling it a Client Specialist role.

What the role includes:

You’d receive training on our client-facing products and services, and be responsible as the main representative on the front line talking to all of our (HOT!) inbound leads. You’d receive a ton of training and knowledge on how to talk to and guide our clients, and you’ll need to take product knowledge, system and tech knowledge, and run with it! Make it your own and craft well-written, convincing emails to our hot leads. Your #1 goal in this role? Conversions. But smart conversions, with the right clients. And we have all the tools you need to get there.

Background: Know how to work from home, have experience in work-from-home roles, or be a disciplined go-getter that will have no problem working from home and getting s%&t done. Experience working with agencies and being a tech-savvy person, good with multi-tasking, and GREAT at details is critical to success. Some sales experience would be mandatory, and great with clients is also a HUGE must, since your #1 goal is conversions. You need to be able to listen, build the right answers, guide correctly, great at conversations. You must be humble, eager, quick to learn, an initiative-taker.

Along with this, being fast, tech-savvy, good with multiple conversations, and GREAT at details is critical to success.

Client Specialist responsibilities would include:

– Answering new client forms immediately / ASAP

– Answering new sales inquiries immediately / ASAP

– Answering live chat immediately / ASAP

– Answering new client registrations that need a welcome touch

– Scheduling phone calls with new leads

– Supporting the client immediately during/after the call, with followup quotes, carts, check-ins

– Creative warm outreach: Along with these tasks, we have some strategic outreach lined up that we’d love for you to do.

Tools to use/setup tasks:

Chatting, phone call and email are our top channels. You’ll need to be comfortable on phone, speaking to clients, and able to write great, clear customer communication through email/live chat.

• Vonage – phone app

• Drift – live chat

• Our company email 

•  Calendly: A calendar for booking calls

• Hubspot: Our CRM/reminders for new lead email followups set up through here

Slack: Slack is our virtual office. Team communication is key!

We’re looking to start someone in this role ASAP.


Hours: M-F Between 8 am – 4 pm CST, a couple hours on weekends

  • Monitor email once every hour and jump in, login and respond when there are sales inquiries, new client forms to send welcome emails to, or someone asking for a quote/emailing back on a call/asking to book a call.
  • Logging in before/after booked and scheduled calls. Include your time building carts and following up right after through email.
  • This would pay $16/hour.

Please tell us your responses to these 5 questions when you send your resume in, otherwise you will not be considered for the job.

Is this position, full-time 7-8 hours day, at $16/hour something you can commit to?

Are you fully willing to work on a contracted, 1099 basis (we are not hiring for a W2 position)?

Do you have any current full-time or part-time jobs?

What’s your comfort and experience level supporting new clients and building trust in phone calls and emails?

This role revolves around speed and efficiency. If we miss a live chat by just a few moments, a high-dollar prospect could be gone for good. Or if we don’t send an email with a cart within thirty minutes after a great sales call, that prospect also may not buy. Can you tell us about your home life and office setup?

Finally, can you take this personality test and send us the link with your results: This helps us see if our candidates align well to roles (and has helped us place some great fits!).

Seniority Level



  • Writing & Editing

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Customer Service
  • Writing/Editing
  • Administrative

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