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What is job description?

Job Description Template and Career Opportunties -

A job description is a snapshot of a job that describes what necessary skills, education,, job experience and training is required by a potential employee. It defines an employee’s main role, responsibilities, and accountability. Job descriptions are also used as a basis for interviewing, orienting new employees and to evaluate an employee’s performance.

What does a Job Description consist of?

Job descriptions should be simple and concise. It should not only attract good candidates but bring in the right and potential employee for the job. The ideal job description is neither too illustrative nor too vague. It shouldn’t be just a list of tasks and responsibilities to be performed; rather it should reflect the sense of priority in a job. It should be written in a way that the candidates can visualize the job from their point of view.

A job description should have the following components:

  • Job Title: It is the first important component of the job descriptions that completely reflects the nature of the job and the tasks to be performed. It reflects the ranking of the job with the other jobs in the organization. It is totally without any sex or age implications.
  • Reporting responsibilities:  It shows who the candidate will report to and who will report to them. It also gives a snapshot of the hierarchical structure of the organization and where the job fits into it.
  • Duties (main tasks and accountabilities): It is the list of responsibilities, objectives, and duties to be performed by the candidate. It shouldn’t be too long but it should reflect what is expected from the candidate. It shoud also state the amount of time that is expected to perform a task.
  • Skills, education, and training: This component tells what skills are to be performed by a candidate that they have achieved in the past from previous jobs, education or training. The education criteria of the job title, and the competency to be displayed by the candidate.
  • Salary and compensation: It is the salary range for example ($950-$1500) of the job instead of a specific salary figure. This salary range should be competitive with the similar jobs present in the organization and in the market. Other benefits like medical allowances, bonuses, incentives may be mentioned too.
  • Type of employment: It describes whether the job is a full-time, part-time or an internship.
  • Company Overview: It is an essential component as it gives the candidate an idea about the company’s mission, objectives, the industry it is related to and its location. Other information like the location of its headquarters, number of employees, other countries in which its offices are present, annual sales etc may be included too.
  • Contact information: It is the last component that includes complete information regarding the contact details of the organization. It includes address, telephone numbers with an extension number of the department to be contacted, fax numbers, email id, website.


Job Description Advice for Job Seekers

Our site is dedicated to helping you gain insights into the different career fields that are available to you as well as providing you with advice and tips that will help you land the career of your dreams.

By having a good understating of the many different career paths that you are able to take advantage of you’ll be able to find a job that suits your needs and helps you achieve your potential.

Whether you’re a high school student or you’ve already completed your college education you can find a number of different job descriptions that can help you decide where you may want to begin or continue your career.

In addition to providing you with descriptions on a number of different jobs we also help you:

  • Find a job you can enjoy while earning a decent income
  • Understand the steps involved with getting hired
  • Learn how to write a resume
  • Interview for a company you are interested in working with
  • Take your career to the next level

And much more!

When you dedicate 40+ hours per week to a company you work for it is important to enjoy the quality of your work and the time you spend working with that company.

Whether you choose to make your job career or use it as a stepping stone to get yourself into another position or company you owe it to yourself to take your time and make the best (and one of the most important) decisions possible.

Few things are as important as doing what you love and spending your time around those who support you in your goals.

This is our goal!

We want to help you find the right career for your needs and desires in an environment you can be supported in and proud of.

We hope to help you find the career of your dreams, or at least point you in the right direction.


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